Hiking, Biking and Skiing

In winter you can start a cross-country skiing tour right from the front door on a ready-made ski track. The track goes in the forest and on the way you can have a break at the lean-to site and make traditional coffee on the open fire and grill some sausage. For skiers who love greater challenges there is a 22-km-long illuminated ski track towards the Koli Hill in the near-by region. In addition, the cooled ski track in Kontiolahti Biathlon Centre makes is possible to start training on snow as early as in October.

The hilly region in Karelia is perfect for hiking, biking and skiing. The near-by Hiking Trails vary to suit every visitor, starting from juniors up to more experienced hikers. You can find, e.g., the HERAJÄRVEN KIERROS Trail (total length 40 km) which was awarded with the best hiking trail prize in Finland in 2007. Along the trail there is a Lapp hut, lean-tos and many rest spots, places for accommodation, two self-operated pull rafts and an observation tower.

From the Ukko-Koli Hill you can admire the beautiful Finnish landscape or take a chair lift to go down the hill. In winter the Koli Hill operates as a down-hill ski resort where downhill skiers can enjoy the highest and most challenging slopes all over southern Finland.

In summer children love to splash on the shallow lake shore. You can also enjoy the lake shores of the nearby islands on a rowing boat trip during which rippling waves and singing birds will calm you gently down.

In winter you can have a wonderful snowmobile safari on the frozen Lake Höytiäinen or in the near-by snowmobile trails. Another interesting winter activity is traditional pole sledding on the snow. Whereas in summer forests are perfect for orienteering and hiking.

Pohjan Tila has a short marked nature trail which introduces you to the forest plants and insects. It also shows you some traces of the drastic lowering by 9 metres of the water level of Lake Höytiäinen which took place in 1859.

Fishing, Hunting and Berry Picking

You can enjoy playful orienteering on the grounds with different cross points. In family, children can compete against adults or you may spot if any of the family members have rejected the play and preferred to go swimming in Lake Höytiäinen. You will also have an opportunity to go ice-dipping throughout the winter.

For golf enthusiasts Kontiolahti offers a 18-hole lakeside golf course whichis one the most beautiful courses throughout Finland. The distance from the holiday cottage is approx. 26 km.Snowmobile riding can also be practised on the marked trail on the ice and steers towards the Koli Hill.

You can go horseback riding at the Kantelesärkkä Stables in Kontiolahti. They have an 80-metre-long riding arena for steeplechase enthusiasts. They offer horseback riding instructor services for first-beginners and trail riding on very safe horses.

The Finnish Stone Centre is located in Juuka. It is a fascinating place for visitors interested in the world of stone.

The late wooden sculptress Eva Ryynänen dedicated her life to sculpting figures out of wood and her creations, a wooden workshop, home, café and the Paateri church are located in Vuonisjärvi approx. 30 km from the centre of Lieksa town towards Joensuu town.

Lake Höytiäinen is abundant of fish. Angling may result in a big fish which you can then fry on the open fire in the evening. In winter you can go net fishing or try winter jigging. In summer you can go fishing with a guide and try lure fishing, angling or net fishing, and in late summer even torch-fishing. Common species are pike-perch, pike, whitefish, perch, bream and burbot. More information on fishing cards and permits is available at the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, through which you can easily get online a temporary government fishing card valid for 7 days. The owner will provide you with the local provincial lure or net fishing permits.

In the Pohjan Tila grounds, it is possible to hunt small-game. In late summer you can go berry or mushroom picking or just enjoy the rich nature aroma in the woods.

Nearby Attractions and Recreational Outdoor Activities

KOLVANANUURO is a nature wonder which is located between the municipalities of Kontiolahti and Eno. The exciting gorge is part of a steep-sided fracture valley which was formed 1.8 billion years ago. Being remote and rough, it has stayed almost untouched. In the area, 76 hectares form a nature reserve which was established in 1994. The Kolvananuuro Gorge is surrounded by rugged cliffs and the walls rise to 70-80 metres from the gorge floors. Unique vegetation of the gorge is a result of the soil’s and microclimate’s diversity. The walls and slopes offer many sheltered nesting spots and varied vegetation.